Y is for Yellow Rumped Warbler

This last summer as I was walking through the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge (first section by the blind–for those of you who know the refuge), I kept seeing little flashes of yellow flitting all about me in the tree tops.  It was difficult in the light and with all the leaves to discern what was causing all the commotion so I began to do what I do best, point my camera and shoot.  This may seem like an odd way to identify a bird but it has worked numerous times for me and until I get a good pair of binoculars or a scope it will probably remain the best way.

Y is for Yellow Rumped Warbler_painted Oct 15 and 16Since I have not taken the opportunity to walk through that area much due to laziness–I enjoy my car ride–I did not really know what birds lived in that particular area–which means Warblers were a new discovery for this somewhat inexperienced bird watcher.  The same day that I saw this little beauty I saw several other varieties of warblers (Yes, I.D.’d through my camera lens), Varied Trushes and Spotted Towhee’s, a Brown Creeper, a beautiful Robin (the Robin I already painted), and the cutest of all was the White Faced Nuthatch.  I did get a picture of him but since I already did a Wren he is being saved for a later date to paint.

My timer is going off, which means I must finish washing brushes and head off to an art show where some friends are showing art.  I have an Anna’s Hummingbird blocked in for tomorrow–one of our residence at our house.  He stays all winter.

Have a lovely evening–till tomorrow–

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