About Me

Kara Krieger-McGhee

Child of God, Writer, Artist, Truth Seeker


I was born curious and life has made me more curious . . . especially in regard to relationships. I paint and write about subjects that occupy or have occupied my mind, with a goal of bringing hope and beauty to other people’s lives.

The posts under “My Story” are just that, my story. A story of growing up in a conservative Christian home and community where religious, verbal, physical and mental abuses were so prevalent that it was “normal” behavior, nobody questioned it, out loud anyway. Our home, made up of myself, my three brothers and our parents, was “normal” with one exception, I always wondered if what my dad was doing to me was normal. Even more importantly, I wondered how God fit in . . . and why he wasn’t doing anything about it! “My Story” is a journey through my journal, beginning in 2016. Each week I will post another “chapter” of my story until it is completely told . . . all the way to where I sit today, looking old(ish) on the outside but feeling NEW ON THE INSIDE! The main focus of my story is Jesus and how he relates to abuse. I thought I “knew” him, until . . . you’ll have to read my blog.

I am also an artist. Actually, I was an artist before I became a writer and I only began to write because sometimes words paint a clearer picture. My art reflects my love of nature where my mind and soul are nourished while considering the birds and the lilies. “Nature’s Stories” is where I will post images of my art as well as short stories about the subject matter.

In “Poems and Shorts” I will post some of my poetry and random short stories that I want to share.

In general, I am a Northwest girl. Born, in 1961, in Eastern Washington, raised in Alaska and Southwest Washington. I have also had the opportunity to live in Arizona and Montana but the coast and mountains of the Pacific Northwest called me “home”. I am the mother of six children, some I gave birth to, and the proud “Grammy” to nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I am also married to a very wise and patient man, who by nature did not yell when every part of my soul was expressing pain and screaming for help. He knew how to gently, and irritatingly, poke at my beliefs by presenting verses from the Word of God that went against everything I held to be “truth”. For that I will be forever grateful! For someone so calm he’s been on a wild ride.

Finally, I love to read, garden, imagine things, build things, cook, hike and did I mention I like to read? For that reason I have a whole list of books I’d recommend to anyone who is curious like me. I will include those in a resource section as I go along.


Currently I have no speaking engagements but I am available


I am currently working on a way in which to be reached outside of the comments section, but until then, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.


This section will contain help resources soon. Currently my site is still under construction.