I am a curious person. . . mostly concerning relationships. Often my art is a story of relationships between light and dark, warm and cool, the interaction of light with colors and objects or possibly I’m telling a story about how a subject relates to or is affected by its environment.

It is through these visual “relational” stories that I desire to inspire a curiosity about relationships in others, hopefully, compelling them to think about and see the world around them a little differently.

You will find that birds are one of my favorite subject matters, with a landscape thrown in here and there.  Most of the landscapes are painted en plein air.  For your convenience there is a Gallery page and a Blog Posts page.  The gallery page consists of images of my art with very little written content.  If you’re interested in knowing what is happening in my art or bird world, please visit the Blog Posts page.

I hope you enjoy my blog–remember to look for the beauty around you, in people, places or circumstances.