I’m on Vacation!!


At least I’m packed in with the snacks.
 Here I am, Orin Thology, yesterday morning, tucked away and ready to go to Orcas Island with Kara. We left at O’darkhundred–5 a.m. to catch the ferry in Anacortes at 10:35.  We pulled into lucky number lane 13 at exactly 10:08, loaded onto the ferry at 10:38 and arrived on Orcas Island just after noon. 

Of course I got left in the car while Kara went upstairs to enjoy the view and have a snack. I have been promised a chance to ride on the passenger deck on the way home. If you don’t see a picture of me you will know Kara either forgot to take me upstairs or is too ashamed of me and is leaving me in the car again. (Yes, I’m insecure!)


Me, sitting on the railing of our deck pointing out the sheep. Can you see them?
 It is beautiful in our little B&B. We are staying at Turtleback Farm Inn. Our room overlooks a beautiful pasture with grazing sheep, soaring Eagles and swooping swallows. Golden crowned sparrows flutter through the rhododendron bushes below our deck and lichen covered fencing lines the property.   We awoke to quiet and singing birds. (I’m used to highway noise where I live.)  As I write this I am overwhelmed by the sense of calm flooding through me and recharging me for a lovely hike to a lookout and a walk through the shops later on.  Kara and I will finish our day having fire baked pizza enjoying the company of fellow artists and contributors to the bird festival going on this weekend here in the island. Which reminds me, I’d better get off of this phone, it’s time to prepare for the hike–I’ll catch you later along with more photos of our bird and art filled trip. 

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