Recently, I came in from my studio for a drink of water and noticed a group of birds at our feeders that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years.  I was so excited that I sent a text to my husband, “The Siskin’s are back, the Siskin’s are back!”  Observing them a few seconds longer I noticed something was wrong, they were way too calm and there were too few of them to be Siskins.  It was at that moment that I was reminded the very reason I was inspired to paint The Bird-Watcher series.Continue reading “Nostalgia”

An Unlikely Bird Watcher

It was early winter, 2010. I was sitting back taking in the sights, high up on a shelf filled with porcelain elephants, pine cones, old plates, marbles, doll heads, moss and so on, when I was picked up with curious purpose and roughly examined, head swiveled, legs and arms twisted and turned every which way. I was plopped down, stood up, bent over, and given the once over from every direction. Finally, I was inserted right in the middle of a still life scene with a hot light bearing down on me, as if I was about to be interrogated. Again, my assailant couldn’t decide, should I stand, sit, lean or bend over? My little wooden head was swirling with questions and my body was sore from all the activity after years of inactivity. What was I doing here? Then, just as my eyes were adjusting to the light and I’d developed a tolerance to the heat, in swooped a frenzied flock of little acrobatic, inquisitive, feisty, noisy and somewhat obnoxious Pine Siskins.Continue reading “An Unlikely Bird Watcher”