My Observations–From the Bird Watcher

Finally, I get a word in edgewise.  Lately, Kara has been hording this blog.  I think she’s forgotten that I get first billing here, note the name, “The Bird Watcher & The Artist.”

I actually just want to take a minute to apologize to the Pine Siskin.  In the painting, Feuding Siskins, I depict them as feisty, hyper, unruly little birds, which they are, but there is another side to them as well.

"Feuding Siskins"  First painting in The Bird-Watcher Series.
Here I am, amongst the “Feuding Siskins” First painting in The Bird-Watcher Series.

In my defense, several years ago when I was first introduced to them there was a flock of 20-30 birds that would fly into our feeders and proceed to fight and peck for food, chattering the whole time.  It was a constant mayhem of activity.  I’d missed seeing them the last couple of years but this fall a few came back–only six–and wintered over.  They are much calmer when there are only six.  Yes, every once in a while they have a squabble but nothing like the feuds they had as a larger flock.  So please, Pine Siskins, accept my apology for making you out to being little fighters when you are also lovers.  Thank you!Continue reading “My Observations–From the Bird Watcher”

Progress and Priorities

Deadlines for shows, competitions and my open studio tour are looming.  I have to prioritize so the store is on hold–still putting in taxes and shipping.  I took some time to work on the amazingly busy Green Heron today.  WHAT WAS I THINKING when I chose to paint this!  There is so much going on in its feathers it took a while to be able to zone in on the pattern, where feathers begin and end and get the proper ratio and proportion.  Whew, I think I have all the major proportion changes made on its back (the head will get larger when I paint it).

Green Heron--midway done.
Green Heron–midway done.

I just wanted you to see that I am working. I won’t get back to this till Friday–spending the day with my granddaughter tomorrow–My plans, have this done by the end of the weekend so it can be put it away to dry.  Then get it back out for a final stare and touch up before photographing and entering in a competition.

Slowly But Surely . . .

Soft opening for my online store–KKM Artistry–is next week (Monday?)!  I’m embracing my inner snail, my ‘eye spots’ are on the goal as I inch my way toward the finish line.  If only the hurdle of technology weren’t in front of me.  Have you ever seen a snail jump?  Me either!  I’m making a run for it–pretending a bird is after me–check out the trail of smoke, I mean slime, I’m leaving behind.

Slow Moving Bird Food--12"x12", oil on gallery wrap canvas.
Slow Moving Bird Food–12″x12″, oil on gallery wrap canvas.

Have a great weekend everyone–see you on the other side.

And the Winner IS…

D r u m   r o l l   p l e a s e . . . I’m marrying two ideas so there are two winners–KKM Artistry–which comes from Karin, with the added tagline idea, Bird Watcher Collectables, which comes from Emily.  Congratulations to both of you!  Cards are coming your way–once you send me your address.Continue reading “And the Winner IS…”

One More Chance For You to Control My Blog Store Destiny

Wow, I had some excellent response in my quest for help in naming my online store, 19 in all.  Some of which I really like, but I’m curious to see what you would pick.  So, what I’d like from you are your top three favorites.  My main objective is to brand the store with my name and also the bird watching concept, so if someone is doing a search for me or for bird watching my blog or store will appear.  But, I don’t want to limit myself to birds either.  Do you see the dilemma I’m in?  Here’s the list–please vote 🙂  Voting closes on Tuesday and I will make my decision taking your votes into consideration.

  1. Fancy Feathers
  2. Art Refuge
  3. Birds-Life-Art
  4. Sweet Tweets
  5. Art From the Heart
  6. The Bird Watcher Store
  7. Feathered Paintbrush
  8. KKM Artistry
  9. On Wings of Hope
  10. Wings of Hope
  11. Bird in Hand
  12. Feather My Nest
  13. Feather Strokes
  14. KKM Fine Arts–Bird Watcher Collection
  15. Simply Art–KKM Collectables
  16. Serenity–Fine Art for the Soul
  17. Birds of a Feather
  18. Wild Wings
  19. McGhee’s Bees

Now for the unveiling of a piece I finished Friday–it’s a part of my looser collection and an experiment with a more monochromatic, restful pallet.

Morning Sunbather--Red winged blackbird--18"x24" oil on gallery wrap canvas
Morning Sunbather–Red winged blackbird–18″x24″ oil on gallery wrap canvas