T is for Tern

I’m a little behind on my bird paintings–sorry folks!  I was hoping to have two to post today but there was a catastrophe outside my studio today–someone ran over the mailboxes and it seemed to draw a crowd, which led to talking which led to not getting both of the paintings done.  I have no idea where the mail was delivered but it was nice meeting some of my new business neighbors.

T is for TernNow back to the Tern–they are cool looking birds and that’s why I chose to paint it.  As for knowing anything about them, I’m too tired to learn anything so it’s just going to be a picture tonight. 🙂

On the easel–a Great Blue Heron–very difficult to paint on a 7″x5″ format, but it’s almost done.  The other painting is a Virgina Rail.

Till tomorrow–good night.

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  1. yikes – hope the damage did not cost too much to fix, sounds awful. Well at least no one got hurt. Beautiful painting.

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