N is For Northern Cardinal (And Don’t Forget The Finished Steller Jay Is Here As Well)

I’m on a roll with birds that have top knots–more technically called a crest.  I didn’t mean to be but I felt like doing a bird that does not live in the Northwest yet a favorite to many–my husband is one–the Cardinal, and it just so happens to have a crest as well.  While I was working on this bird it dawned on me that bird feet are about the ugliest things I’ve ever seen on a body.  Some say that human elbows are bad, but there is no comparison to the homeliness of bird feet–especially on this Cardinal.  I must say, the feet weren’t my focus today.

N is for Northern Cardinal

Due to a low battery and my power cord being at my studio I am keeping this blog short.  No real info about either of these birds.  However, I am much happier with Mr. Steller–letting the paint dry a little gave me the ability to paint the correct blue over the top of the existing paint without blending in and changing the color.

I hope you enjoy these birds as much as I’m enjoying painting them and loosening up with my brushes.  Possibly I will go in and do some small touch ups after the paintings have dried but overall I consider them done.  I also may change the background color on a couple of them.  Some don’t have enough contrast.

Finished Steller
Finished Steller


  1. Nice Cardinal, I am currently working on a painting of a Cedar Waxwing.

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Thank you again! Cedar Waxwings are beautiful birds as well. I currently have one in my freezer, someday I must get it painted.

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