S Is For Step Away From The Steller Before You Mess Up Further

Today’s subject has been the most challenging quick paint so far.  Finally, stepping away became the best thing to do.  It’s been a good lesson of reaching the gamut.  My biggest frustration has been finding the right blue to make it pop–a bright blue.  So far, ultramarine is too purple, although perfect for some areas in shadow, phthalo is better but still not right.  The last blue I could find was cobalt–nope–I think I have a cyan somewhere, that will be my try tomorrow.  The paint is now so thick it all blends together anyway.  Here’s where I stopped–tomorrow you’ll get to see the finished product and maybe a little something about that skittish bird.

An unfinished Steller's Jay
An unfinished Steller’s Jay


  1. it is stunning already – love to read about your thoughts during the process, including the stepping away – I must say, sometimes I “overwork” a project because I have a hard time letting go, and considering an item done. A habit I need to break. Beautiful work!

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Thank you Claudia. Sometimes I think I’m just rambling but like you, I like hearing other people talk about their process and frustrations. It gives me permission to be ‘human’ and make errors–if indeed it is an error. 😊

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