The Color White

I’ve slacked off on blog posts and feel so ashamed–not really.  Actually, sometimes I can only “create” so much and then my brain goes dead.  You do not want dead posts ;-).

In order to break the ice with my cyber friends who are not FB fans as well, I thought I’d present to you, The Three Stooges, or Awkward Egret Moments (My FB fans saw these in process).  I haven’t decided their title for sure, I’m leaning toward title #2.  This is a triptych, painted on three separate gallery wrap canvases, 24″x12″x2″.  These are detail photos–close-ups–of the actual paintings.

#1–Scratching an itch–detail of 24″x12″x2″ oil on gallery wrap canvas.
#2--Who Goes There?
#2–Who goes there?–detail of 24″x12″x2″ oil on gallery wrap canvas.
#3--Another itch--detail of 24"x12"x2"  oil on gallery wrap canvas
#3–Another itch–detail of 24″x12″x2″ oil on gallery wrap canvas

The paintings are actually just one bird.  I was out at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge  just as the sun was rising this past winter and saw this beautiful bird.  For some odd reason it didn’t seem at all frightened of me sitting in my car, window rolled down with the heater fan running full-bore.  He or she just sat there, preening, prodding and posing.  I loved the way the light just glowed through it, along with the cool crisp colors.  I did get some beautifully elegant poses but wanted to show the awkward side of the bird as well.  So here you go.  The pictures of the paintings are taken with my cell phone, pretty accurate but not exact–but what is.  I had a blast with these paintings.  White is such an interesting color to paint–it’s one of those colors that looks white, even when it’s blue or orange or purple or, or, or.

Speaking of the color white, here is another example of the colors white takes on.  This still-life is called Reflecting on Garlic (I considered calling it Elephant Garlic but that seemed way too obvious).  Because of the browns and pinks surrounding it, as well as the light source, the whites took on much warmer hues.  This painting depicts one of my late mother-in-laws porcelain figures in action.  Here, he looks like he’s up to no good–his shadow is thinking about taking a bite out of the garlic–thus the name.  Okay, enough for tonight.  My brain has now shut off and it’s time to head to bed.  Good night all!  I think I’ll go “reflect” on the next piece I’m going to start tomorrow.

Reflecting On Garlic--8"x10" study in white
Reflecting On Garlic–8″x10″ study in white


  1. ReyShelley says:

    Simply amazing! Great work!

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Thank you so much ReyShelly!!

  2. Heidi Hjort says:

    I totally agree that white is an interesting color to paint. These are absolutely gorgeus pieces. Great whites, stunning water and I love that you chose he awkward poses.

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Thank you Heidi :-). You’ve inspired me to do some complimentary studies now. I’m excited to start one today.

      1. Heidi Hjort says:

        Happy to hear that 🙂

  3. Great jesture and use of the right shades for a lovley tone of white.

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Thank you Sherry!

  4. Mick McGinty says:

    Those are beautiful Kara!!

    1. kmcgheeart says:

      Mick–now that is a compliment from a master painter. Thank you! Hope all is well.

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