And the Winner IS…

D r u m   r o l l   p l e a s e . . . I’m marrying two ideas so there are two winners–KKM Artistry–which comes from Karin, with the added tagline idea, Bird Watcher Collectables, which comes from Emily.  Congratulations to both of you!  Cards are coming your way–once you send me your address.

I loved several of the ideas but when I considered my logo–KKM with Kara Krieger-McGhee superimposed over the top–marketing and name branding I had to go with something that didn’t require a lot of change and identified me as the artist.  I liked the tagline idea so I could identify the collections in the store or on labels, whatever I decide to do.

Thank you again for all the input.  This was fun.  Now, to ‘build’ the store…I’d better sign off and get back to work on that.

'Dragon Squirrel'  in clay, obviously
Dragon Squirrel Reaching for a Nut‘ in clay, obviously

Wait, I just got a wild idea…I thought I’d share with you my first sculptures I did last year at a workshop with Dan Chen.  I had a blast.  I felt like I was in kindergarten again, playing with clay.  You never know, possibly in the future I will have an opportunity to do a series, ‘collection,’ of sculptures but first I must establish my painting career which hopefully doesn’t take till I’m 90.

'Dinner Theater'
‘Dinner Theater’

‘Dinner Theater’ was my second sculpture–a friendly goat who lived on the ranch where our workshop was, served as my model.  ‘Dinner Theater’ is a collaborative piece–artist’s minds gone mad.  An artist friend of mine suggested the goat needed friends.  Oddly he chose mice reading to the goat, just to add a little interaction and life to the piece.  Frank, the creator of the idea, made the mouse sitting on the ground, Dan made the one sitting on it’s back and I added the dung beetle rolling dung.  We had some good laughs during the process and I couldn’t bear to destroy it and its story–I hope you enjoy it too.

Okay, back to the store, or better yet, maybe I’ll just head to bed first and work on the store tomorrow.  Good night!

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