A Picnic For a Stealthy Bird

Some of you may have thought that I, BW, no longer existed and that this blog was solely about the artist.  You’ll be happy to know that we have an adventure planned.  A picnic!

Here I am preparing to head out.

Preparing for a picnic adventure
Preparing for a picnic adventure with Great Blue Herons

My camera is packed, notepad on hand and a tablecloth to sit on, just in case its damp outside (personally I think we need a checkered tablecloth though–maybe Kara will listen to me on that).  The only thing missing is my bird book and food, but we plan to collect that when we get to the bird refuge.  We will catch creepy, crawly snakes, scurrying mice and flopping fish, all delicacies meant to entice a Great Blue Heron.  (Hopefully, Mr. or Mrs. Heron does not mistake me for food.)

During our picnic I will be collecting important information about Herons that I can pass on to you.  While studying the Heron in its habitat, we plan to get some good reference photos that Kara can use to replicate our picnic in a painting.  Our goal is to have the fourth painting in The Bird-Watcher series done by the end of April.  A lofty goal since this is going to be a big painting, but it is attainable…I have faith in her.  I’m sure she will keep you posted as this process progresses.

In closing–I thought you might like to see the ‘selfie’ I took last summer.



  1. Linda Foster says:

    This is clever, Kara, loved it. I would like to make a felted Blue Heron so will be interested in seeing your pictures and all that you learn about them.

    I’m enjoying your posts. Linda

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